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Difference of all kinds of virgin hair

1)  Brazilian/Indian virgin hair : the hair quality is the best, original bulk hair,not been mixed with other hair; hair feels most alive,feels like still have protein inside; not been treated at all,hair quality not been destroyed at all; it is the second soft and silky hair; the hair strands is very steady, can do many times styles; hair can last long time.

2)Peruvian virgin hair : the hair feels most silky and soft ; the hair strands are the most thin; and the hair weft is very tiny; and the hair has been bleached slightly; can not do many times styles; if not do too many styles, it can last very long time.

3) Malaysian/Cambodian/ European virgin hair : the hair feels not so soft as Brazilian hair and Peruvian, and the hair is not original bulk material, but it is virgin hair. Also very soft compared with Chinese hair; it can be done to many styles many times, the hair is very durable, can use a long time; the hair style is very punchy, it makes girls very sexy with that hair.

4) Chinese virgin hair : It is the most hard and strong hair, the hair strands are not so thin as others, so the hair is very steady and durable; you can do many times styles with this hair; although it feels not so soft, it feels like your own real hair; it feels better after you wash it; it is the most long last hair among all kinds of hair till now.

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