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Choosing A Texture When Buying Hair Extensions

One Leading Hair Extension Suppliers Give Their Tips On Buying Hair Extensions - Choosing A Texture. There are many hair texture which can be matched with a perfect texture of hair extensions.


1. Natural Straight - this texture suits hair types which are generally straight in texture. When wet this hair can take a natural wave however is very easily blow dried or straightened with a silky/glossy finish.


2. Body Wave - this is the loosest of waves available in both hair extensions and hair pieces - upon washing it reverts back to a lovely loose wave which can be scrunch dried using a diffuser or can be re-curled using heat.


3. Deep Wave - this wave is a little tighter than the body wave and is ideal for people with naturally wavy hair.


4. Kinky Curly - this wave is similar to a spiral curl and is great for naturally very curly hair.


5. Kinky Straight - this is the tightest of curls and is very similar to a permed hair or naturally curly afro hair.


6. Loose Wave - this wave is a big spiral and is very similar to natural wave. Look like very natural.