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Hair Quantity Guide

The amount of hair needed for your install is a very important factor when purchasing extensions to achieve a very natural looking effect. The amount of "bundles" or "packs" needed varies depending on the type of extensions you plan on going with. For a full head installation you can refer to the graph below. For a partial installation, on average about half of the quantity recommended for a full head is appropriate. This may vary depending on how much natural hair you plan on leaving out.

As a general rule of thumb; the longer you plan to go with your extensions, or the thicker your natural hair is...the more hair is needed. If in doubt, always get an extra pack for safe measure; it's better to have a little extra rather than not enough during your hair appointment. Whatever you don't use you can save for your next install or a touch up down the road.

Length DesiredWeftsTape HairFusion HairBulk Hair
Want 10"2n/a5n/a
Want 12"2n/a5n/a
Want 14"24 packs5n/a
Want 16"2n/a5n/a
Want 18"25 packs52
Want 20"3n/a52
Want 22"35 packs53
Want 24"3n/a53
Want 26"4n/a6n/a
Want 28"4n/a6n/a
Want 30"4n/a6n/a