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Machine Wefts vs. Hand Tied Wefts

The weft type you choose for your hair extension installation is very important. There are two types of wefts available at Spicy Hair - Machine Wefts and Hand-Tied Wefts.
Your choice should depend on what is convenient and personal preference for both you and also your stylist. Weigh your options properly before you make a choice.
Both our Hand-Tied and Machine Wefts are extremely durable and can be re-used over and over again.

Machine Wefts

Machine wefts tend to be the more common weft type used due to the ease and durability of working with the track. This is ideal for stylists who are not as familiar with working with hand-tied wefts since hand tied wefts need to be sewn in using specific techniques. These wefts are easier to put in as the stylist can simply start on one end, sew in the weft, and then cut it at the end of the track. The track can be cut without unraveling. Machine wefts also work well when using clip-on wefts, or when bonding the hair to the scalp. Machine wefts are one continuous track that your stylist can cut according to the length you need. The length of the track varies based on the length and texture of the hair. The ability to cut the track allows for more options when installing tracks of different lengths to create hairstyles. Machine wefts are slightly thicker compared to hand-tied wefts, but a bulge is rarely noticeable. One typical downside to Machine Wefts can be the shedding of hair. Perfect Locks reinforces the track by applying an additional sealing treatment to the weft. This service would normally cost $25+ at a salon. If cutting the track to create different sizes, it is not required, but always a great precaution to seal the cut end to ensure additional security of the weft from any shedding.Our machine wefted Virgin Indian Hair Extensions are made by skilled workers at our factory in India. They are sewn using a special sewing machine specifically designed for stitching wefts. Raw Virgin Indian Hair is used, and 3 people are required: 1 person who takes the bulk hair and starts sewing the track, the middle person keeps the hair free from tangling, and a third person to tidy up the track at the end. The quality of the hair and the track are equally the same with both hand-tied and machine wefts.

A good stylist can manage to make machine wefts look very natural regardless of how thick the track is.
Machine wefts are easy to manipulate, and you don't have to be as careful when cutting them. You can
even cut them from the top. This makes them a good choice giving you less margin for error during a hair installation, since they don't require as much skill as hand-tied Wefts.

Hand-Tied Wefts

Hand-tied wefts are thinner and more flexible than machine-tied wefts. The weft is flatter allowing it to lay closer to the head giving a virtually undetectable natural look. The weft is flexible so it will not stick out or cause lumpy areas around the crown. They're built to be thin so they'll blend in nicely with your natural hair. As your hair underneath grows, the flexibility of hand-tied wefts helps to keep the weft from sticking out from the new growth. If you run your fingers through your hair, you may not even notice the track...Now that's a beautiful thing! Hand-tied wefts are sewn and tied together meticulously by hand, using a strong piece of weaving thread. If they're done properly, hand-tied wefts can actually last a very long time. However, since they're harder to make and they take longer time to complete, they usually cost a bit more. Our Indian Hair Hand-tied Wefts at Perfect Locks are pre-cut into shorter individual tracks, making it easy for your stylist to work with them. They don't have to cut them, no shedding allowed here! Hand-tied wefts are not sealed so it is crucial to seal the weft if it is cut. A pre-sealing of the entire weft prior to install is not required, but will always help minimize shedding if desired to do so. Special care should be taken for hand-tied wefts especially if you're going to cut the track. Instead of cutting the track, just turn the track around to the next row and keep sewing. When you reach the end you can cut the track, just be sure it's sealed with a good fabric or nail glue. Hand-tied wefts will unravel and shed when cut from the top, make sure your stylist knows this so it won't be much of a problem.