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Rock different kind of Blonde Hair

Rocking a weave means total hair freedom. You can be kinky curly one day, bone straight the next, brunette on Tuesday and purple by Friday. Everything is possible in the wonderful world of weave. But within all these possibilities, theres one hair color that many of us have yet to try: blonde.

Historically, the majority of black women have not been quick to experiment with going blonde. But thanks to blonde pioneers like Mary J. Blige, Lil' Kim, and Queen Bey, who inspired many of us to dye our hair, theres been a growing movement toward lighter locks. Were loving how much variety there is and how great golden hues look next to brown skin.

Between ombré, balayage, highlights, and platinum dye jobs, blonde is having its moment in diversity and we're so here for it! We highlighted some of our favorite blonde hair trends for you to try out below!

 1) Ombré

It seems like everyone has rocked an ombre at some point since the trend blew up in 2011.Because ombré is a gradual fade from a darker hue to a lighter hue, it's the easiest way to fulfill your blonde ambition! Our Spicy blonde hair is already set up for you to get your ombré on!

2) Balayage

Balayage highlights are highlights that look like they were achieved naturally from the sun. "Balayage" is a French term meaning "to paint," which is the method hairstylists use to achieve this style. Balayage highlights are super subtle, and never choppy.

Curly girls can go blonde too! Adding balayage highlights throughout is a great way to switch up your curly girl look.

3) Dark Roots

Dark roots is a bold choice due to the stark contrast of light and dark. If you're looking to blend your natural hair with blonde extensions, this is a great way to ease into the color without going completely blonde. Use pre-bleached Spicy dark roots hair to create this exact look without the mess of hair dye.

4) Platinum

The loudest of the bunch, platinum blonde hair is certainly having a moment. Why not try going platinum blonde? You're going to love the added roar this hair color gives us.

Are you trying out blonde for the winter? Start with Spicy Blonde hair, and let us know in the comments what look you'll be rocking!