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How To Take Care Of The Coarse Hair

It is difficult to take care of the coarse hair, because the hair is thick that become messy after washing the head, if you take care of it , can be extremely fluffy and messy. It's hot and humid in summer, and in this case the hair will become less manageable. Is there any good way to get a good care in addition to making a straight saloon?


Before washing hair, you can daub some hair oil or hair conditioner to the hair, gently massage to soften hair, then use the shampoo containing keratin or amino acid composition of cleaning, after cleaning, apply hair conditioner, or hair film, with hot towel apply for a moment, help the nutrients penetrate into hair, wait a moment to clean. Steps to complete the whole clean maintenance, before blowing hair, then daub some texture on the hair thin easy absorption of hair essence oil, then blow dry, fluffy hair won't become too cluttered.


Because the hair is more hard, once encountered electrostatic hair is messy, so also need to pay attention to when choosing a comb, had better choose wooden comb, or similar tangle teezer comb, so that you can avoid to produce too much friction between the comb and hair.


Blow after shampooing works, must pay attention to the temperature, with warm wind, can't heat air drying, otherwise rapid loss of the moisture in the hair, the hair scale slice open, not only easy to let a hair to become messy again, can also affect the hair health.